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There are some great destinations in the area surrounding London and the travelers often find that art and culture are glorious in this area. No matter why you find yourself here, there’s something delightful all around. When you say London you instantly think about an absolutely amazing attraction, the famous Big Ben. We urge you not to miss it because it’s near The House of Parliament and it attracts tourists all over who come just to be able to take a picture.

The Tower of London, the National Gallery, and the Buckingham Palace really live up to their reputation as well. In case you are coming to London as a traveler, you might want to visit those places those that appeal to you most, the historic sites and the parts that suit you. The city boasts highly ranked attractions that are free to visit, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Kensington Gardens.

The river Thames with its many restaurants that offer a lovely view and excellent cruises where you get to meet interesting people is quite unique. You should ask for tips from anyone if it is your first time, in order to have a fuss-free trip to this wonderful place.  London Eye provides an amazing view and you should take a ride in the gigantic wheel on the edge of the River Thames. In order to enjoy it and have an amazing experience, you ought to head to the center of the metropolis and avoid the crowd booking your ticket to the London Eye online. It is surely recommended.

If you wish to make the most of your time it pays to plan in advance. In order to experience the innovation and architectural grandeur, you need to make sure you to make a short visit through history, contemporary art, and architecture of this creative arena. The diversity and multiculturalism are invigorating in London and its rich seams of antiquity, from the Tower of London to the Big Ben and the historic quarters, make it one of the best places to find you lost.

Accommodation is expensive but the good news is that, if you need it, public transport is cheap, provided you avoid peak hours. Good food can be found in supermarket outlets or in buffet restaurants. You’ll find many specialties if you go directly to the best areas.

Although London is an amazing city there are some other different places that you need to visit in the UK that most people miss out on. While London is able to keep any tourist busy, you might be tempted to go searching all around it for a one day trip. Some of these places, as the palace of Hampton Court, the beautiful town of Oxford or the cathedral at Canterbury, are within easy reach.

The castles of Warwick and Windsor and UNESCO place of Stonehenge are top attractions for a one day adventure from London. If weather permits it, having a bite and grabbing a pint with the splendid view of Bexhill-On-Sea seaside in front it’s supposed to be a top priority.


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